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Successful handover for Energas first A160 auxiliary equipment model[Recommendation]
Views:1537 Published:2014-05-28

2014.5.28th, Energas held a solemn ceremony for our independent production, A160 auxiliary equipment model in Energas workshop. It was a sign of the successful handover for Lingang Tianjing project. Mr.Zhoufanzhen, Haerbin electrical cooperation turbine department manager and Mr. Lv wenzhe, Energas general manager attended ribbon cutting ceremony together.

 It has been 8 month past from A160 contract was signed to the handover. A160 auxiliary equipment is a brand new production after final skid, fuel gas skid, water wash skid. A160 combined the function of fuel gas, lube oil, jacking oil, and hydraulic oil supply. Its investment means an integration of large complication equipment. It laid a solid foundation for oil model production and it is also a remarkable milestone for Energas.