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Our company published a research paper on
Views:980 Published:2014-05-06

Recently the paper"High Pressure Gas Regulator Modeling And Simulation" written by our company combined with Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics and University of Chinese Academy of Engineering was published on the Magazine "Gas Turbine Technology "  issue 4th,volume 26th in December 2013.

The division staff together with the experts from the CASIP and the UCAE established the mathematical models and the simulation models adopted the software of Matlab / Simulink which can describe the regulator in Static and Dynamic according to the working principles of  heavy duty gas turbine and high pressure gas regulator. Through numerical simulation, it can analyzed the static and dynamic characteristics of the low- pressure chamber volume, spring elasticity , coating area and the other key designing factors' impacts to the characteristics of static and dynamic of a gas regulator.

The publishing of the paper will greatly promote the development in the gas turbine, gas regulator technology, designing and equipment selection of our company.